Sky Hall Seaside Cebu


Sky Hall Seaside Cebu
3rd Level, SM Seaside City Cebu, South Road Properties, Cebu City 6000 Philippines

T: (63 32) 233 9768

SM Seaside City Cebu has 4,630 covered parking slots at the basement level from Sky Hall Seaside Cebu.

SM Seaside City Cebu provides full wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), local area network (LAN) and telephone connectivity, for the convenience of guests.

Safety and Security
Guests’ well-being, safety and security are assured through CCTV security cameras situated from different locations inside the mall, a mall clinic and automated fire alarm system.

Quick, convenient access to all facilities, from top floor to the basement, is provided via two (2) service elevators and a car lift with a load capacity of 8,000 kg.

CEBU CITY Sky Hall Seaside Cebu